Why We Use X-Rays in Lakeville

Why We Use X-Rays IN Lakeville

Chiropractic Lakeville MN X-Rays

Simply put: To see, is to know. Read this article from your local Lakeville chiropractor to learn more.

Benefits of X-Rays in Lakeville

As you probably know, x-rays are the gold-standard method for evaluating bones and alignment. Not only do x-rays show us the current position of bones, but they can tell us a story.
Chiropractors receive 300-400 hours of training in both acquiring and interpreting x-rays. This training starts with recognizing basic anatomy and progresses into detecting infectious diseases, malignancies, and fractures. In addition, chiropractors are uniquely trained to read x-rays to look for small clues that can indicate sources of symptoms or signs of “wear and tear”.
For example, areas of increased radio-opacity (brighter white), are indicative of abnormal stress on the bone. This is due to our body’s innate ability to “form” bone in response to pressure. By identifying these areas early on, we can adjust the spinal bones back into proper alignment before the “wear and tear” progress.

Combined with a detailed exam and posture analysis, x-rays allow us to completely customize your treatment.

This is why we take x-rays at ALIGN!

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