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In order to understand why kids may need pediatric chiropractic care in Lakeville, it is first important to understand the brain and the nervous system and how they relate to a chiropractor. The brain and the nervous system control and coordinate the function of the body. They are protected by the spine and the skeletal system. The nervous system controls the blood flow, brain function, digestion, respiration, and bone growth in a growing child. Many parents have a few questions when it comes to kids and chiropractic. We will try and answer them in the frequently asked questions below.

Does my child need to be in pain?

Kids don’t have to feel pain to need to get a check-up by a chiropractor. At ALIGN, rather than relying on subjective findings (like pain or symptoms or what we like to refer to as secondary conditions), we use objective findings (things you can see and measure) to determine if your child has a structural imbalance that would benefit from gentle, science-based pediatric chiropractic care. Kids will seldom complain of chronic pain the way adults do and they often seem to recover much quicker than adults do, so it can be much harder for parents to realize when and if their child needs a check-up.

How does my child’s structure get out of balance?

Structural shifts in the skeletal system and spine can start as early as birth. There is a lot of pressure involved in both natural and Cesarean births, not including traumatic births involving forceps, vacuum and induced labors.

How do I know if my child needs to see a chiropractor?

With children, their only means of communication is crying and if the structural shift was enough to cause pain, crying is the only way for them to let you know. Many infants also take many tumbles and can fall asleep in awkward positions that cause undue stress on their bodies.

All ages need different types of chiropractic care depending on what’s going on with them as they develop. This is why it’s important to find a pediatric chiropractor, instead of just a traditional one.

As infants, they are often put in car seats for long periods of time and have the stress and trauma from birth. As they move from infancy to the toddler stage, they continue to learn to crawl and walk and fall, twist and strain as they’re developing.  These impacts can cause structural shifts as well, which over time can develop into compensations and patterns that will cause stress and imbalance on their bodies.

Once they move out of the toddler stage, many children start to use tablets, phones, tv, and computers. This starts to create significant shifts in their skeletal system that can cause a wide array of secondary problems and conditions.  Playing sports, sitting in class all day, having heavy backpacks, and having poor sleeping posture can all structural imbalances as well. Once they become a teenager, then they face the stress of life like work, relationships and responsibilities, which leads to tight muscles, poor breathing mechanics and more structural imbalances.

Both infants and teenagers face different types of problems, which is why it’s important to have an experienced pediatric chiropractor in Lakeville as a resource for your child’s health and wellness needs.


It is important to remind parents that we do not treat conditions. We are spine experts, and our goal is to improve the structure to allow the body to work better, which improves many of the secondary conditions (symptoms) that many parents bring their children in for.

At ALIGN, we find that secondary conditions are very helpful for us in determining whether or not a child is a candidate for our care, but we do not use them as the sole indicator for care. Some of the most common secondary conditions that parents bring their children in for are: headaches, the pain of any kind in their backs or necks, bad posture (slumped shoulders and a forward head), excessive crying as infants, trouble latching, dizziness, balances issues, coordination, ADD or ADHD, ear infections and colic.

While we understand that not all of these issues are solely caused by structural problems, the research has shown that the structural balance in the body has a significant impact on these secondary conditions.

Every child is different, and in our office, we don’t cut corners with any case, especially when it comes to children.  Each child that comes in will get a very thorough, comprehensive case history and pediatric examination to determine if there are any structural imbalances.

At ALIGN, we make it a priority to communicate exactly what we are looking for with the parents. We also make sure that both the child and the parents are comfortable with every aspect of care in our office.  After the examination, the results will be communicated and a custom treatment plan will be recommended based on the findings.

We may also make some complimentary recommendations in regards to activities, exercises, pillows, and other things that may have an adverse effect on your child’s overall well-being and structural balance.

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