Modern Science & Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is one of the most important indicators of health. Every health field uses it as a baseline measurement; especially that of cardiac health. Even insurance plans rely on it. Nothing gets rejected faster or puts a higher premium on a life insurance than high blood pressure! (Just ask an agent who sells life insurance plans)

But what does the latest research say about blood pressure medications vs prevention? Here is the answer:

New research came from the University of Alabama at Birmingham that studied over 26,000 people who had high blood pressure over a period of 6 years. Here’s what they found:

Almost 50% of individuals had their blood pressures SUCCESSFULLY lowered via medications. Others did NOT have their blood pressures lowered via medications. The researchers concluded that there was NO DIFFERENCE in stroke occurrence between the two studied groups. 

The harder hypertension is to control, the higher the risk for stroke, even if the treatment is successful.

They even found out that the risk of stroke went up 33percent with each blood pressure medicine required to treat blood pressure!Compared to people with systolic blood pressure below 120 mmHg without treatment, hypertensive individuals on three or more blood pressure medications had a stroke risk of 2.5 times higher!

The most effective way to curb the problem PREVENTION OF HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE IN THE FIRST PLACE.  If you do have high blood pressure, medications will not lower your chance of stroke, the only scientifically proven way to prevent stroke is to:

1) Taking part in moderate physical activity every day.
2) Keeping weight in normal ranges
3) Reducing salt intake 
4) Eating a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy products and reduced in saturated and total fat.

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