Did you know these facts about Motor Vehicle Whiplash Injuries…

  • The head will move faster than the neck, similar to a cracking whip motion
  • Joint capsules, spinal ligaments, intervertebral discs can all be damaged
  • Injuries are more severe when the head is turned during the time of impact³

As ligaments might already be injured it is imperative that a practitioner uses an approach that takes this into consideration. Dr. Rodewald has advanced training in treating Auto Accident and whiplash related injuries. Most chiropractors focus on reducing muscular tension, increasing range of motion, and providing temporary relief of pain. While that is all well and good, at Align Chiropractic we take things a step further and dive deeper into what is causing your pain resulting from you Auto Accident. By doing this you get out of pain faster and stay out of pain longer. Request an appointment today if you suspect to have a whiplash injury.

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