Pinched nerves are a very common ailment. They are even more common than you think. This is because pain is one of the last sensations that is noticed. For example, you have nerve dysfunction before you have pain because that is the way our nervous system is wired with our brain. So, if you have pain from a pinched nerve, more than likely there is other damage to go along with it. Therefore, it is very important to seek treatment immediately if you suspect you have a pinched nerve.

Structural-Corrective Chiropractors take a different approach when treating pinched nerves. Not only do we want you to get out of pain as soon as possible, but we also want you to stay out of pain. This is done by correcting the structure of the spine that led to your nerves being pinched in the first place. We also give each patient a stretching and exercise protocol specific to pinched nerves. If you suspect you may have a pinched nerve, don’t wait to call our office or book an appointment online. The sooner you treat, the better your outcome.

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