Neuropathy is a condition in which an individual experiences pain, numbness, or weakness in the hands or feet resulting from nerve damage. This nerve damage can happen in many ways. For example; the nerve can become obstructed when it exits the spine resulting in damage downstream. It can also be damaged anywhere along the path of the nerve, such as in your forearm, resulting in pain in your hands.

The traditional treatment of nerve pain is to simply prescribe medication that usually blocks the way our brain perceives pain. This does nothing for the actual cause of the neuropathy. It is like taking out the bulb out of your dashboard in your car that reads “low oil level”. While it does nothing for the actual cause of the light being on (low oil level) it solves the problem, right? wrong.

This is why it is crucial to figure out the cause of your neuropathy. Nerves pass through and next to a great number of structures in your body. If just one thing is putting abnormal pressure directly on that nerve, you will have consequences. These consequences might appear in the form of neuropathy.

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