80% of all people will experience lower back pain at some point in their life! It reveals itself at any time of the day, it may be worse in the mornings or at night. It might be sharp, or achy. The pain can move around or stay in the same spot. It is one of the most common causes of missed work days in the United States. With it being so common; you may be wondering what most people do to treat it. You may also be wondering what YOU can do to treat YOUR lower back pain.

First, we will mention what most people do. They will do what is called “patch treatments”. These treatments include: Cortisone shots, pain pills, therapies and other popular short-term treatments that attempt to reduce lower back pain. The problem with these methods are that they only focus on the symptom (the effect). While sometimes they help initially, they do not do anything for long term relief.

At Align Chiropractic we not only focus on eliminating your pain, but we focus on eliminating the cause of your pain. By doing so, this ensures that your pain goes away and stays away. Our goal is to achieve LASTING RESULTS through gentle treatments. If you would like to speak with someone in our team to learn more, please call 952-595-6337 and setup a complimentary consultation.

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