Heartburn is a very uncomfortable and “nagging” issue that many Americans deal with every single day. Sometimes it can just come on, or many times, it is brought on by a specific food or drink. Many people think that once they experience heartburn, they will have it forever.

The common treatment method is to address the acidity in the stomach to combat the “burning” sensation that is felt when stomach acid enters the esophagus. This is usually done by over the counter medications or even prescriptive measures.

Many people who take medications still experience heartburn. This is because there is a faulty mechanism that doesn’t allow your lower esophageal sphincter to fully close when the stomach is digesting food or drink. This allows acid to creep up, leading to heartburn. This action is controlled by certain nerves that branch off the spine. If an individual has obstruction leading to the sphincter, it stands to reason that dysfunction could potentially occur here. This is why it is important for anyone who has experienced lingering or persistent heartburn to have their spine analyzed. By doing so, a well-trained chiropractor can address any nerve obstruction from the spine that might be contributing to down-stream effects, such as sphincter dysfunction.

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