Recently involved in an Auto Accident in Lakeville, Burnsville, or surrounding areas?

Did you know these facts about Motor Vehicle Whiplash Injuries…

  • The head will move faster than the neck, similar to a cracking whip motion
  • Joint capsules, spinal ligaments, intervertbral discs can all be damaged
  • Injuries are more severe when the head is turned during the time of impact

As ligaments might already be injured it is imperative that a practitioner uses an approach that takes this into consideration. Dr. Rodewald has advanced training in treating Auto Accident related injuries.

  • Your care may be 100% covered by insurance
    Minnesota is a no-fault state. This means that if you were at-fault or even a passenger, it doesn’t matter regarding medical coverage. You are entitled to receive care for your injuries!
  • You may be entitled to other benefits
    There may be additional compensation you are entitled to that you may not be aware of. We can guide you to reputable attorneys who specializes in auto accident representation for cases such as yours.
  • You should seek out care immediately!
    Our main objective is to help you heal from your injuries, get better and refer out to any medical professionals if need be. The sooner you start care, the easier it will be to treat your injuries and the better your case will be.

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