Anterior Head Syndrome in Lakeville

Anterior Head Syndrome In Lakeville

Chiropractic Lakeville MN Anterior Head Syndrome

It is no secret that the use of technology is becoming more prevalent in our everyday lives. Undoubtedly, cell phones and personal computers are powerful tools to increase overall efficiency and productivity. However, with a greater dependence upon our devices, our bodies are showing signs of increased “wear and tear”. Read this article from your local Lakeville chiropractor to learn more.

What is Anterior Head Syndrome in Lakeville?

One of the biggest concerns for structural chiropractors is anterior head syndrome, otherwise known as “text neck”. This condition is characterized by a structural shift, resulting in a reduction of the normal curve in the neck. The healthy cervical spine should have a 43-degree curve. This curve acts like a spring as it helps distribute the weight of your head onto you mid-back and shoulders. When the head is consistently in a forward position (looking down at your phone/ computer), stress is placed on your intervertebral discs and the front of your vertebrae.

Multiply the effects of this process by years and severe conditions can occur, such as degenerative disc disease, arthritis, and anterior head syndrome. Symptoms secondary to these conditions include neck and upper back pain, restricted motion, headaches, numbness in the arms/hands, and much more.

At ALIGN, we urge our patients to be proactive in their approach to anterior head syndrome. This includes correcting the structure of the spine and maintaining it. The sooner we can learn to live with our devices, the healthier we will be in the future.

Ask anyone from a doctor to a car mechanic- it is easier to maintain something than it is to fix it.

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