First off, congratulations on taking control of your health!

The first step can be difficult, but rest assured, you made the best decision by choosing Align Chiropractic. You won't find a better chiropractic experience in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro. We pride ourselves in patient satisfaction and results. Our examination, adjustments, and therapies are second to none. You are in the right place. 

Below you will find the necessary documentation that you will need to fill out. Simply click on the tabs below. We highly encourage you to complete the paperwork before you come into the office. However, we realize how busy life gets. If you don't print it off and complete it online, don't worry; just allow 20 extra minutes to do it in the office.

During your initial visit, you will have an initial consult and examination with one of our practitioners. In order to ensure the most accurate diagnostic readings possible; certain attire is required. For women, a snug-fitting compression top is recommended. For men, a shirtless examination will ensure the most accurate results. All patients should try to avoid wearing jeans, if possible.