Dizziness from your Neck?!

Over 69 Million people have suffered Vertigo at some point in their lives, with over 8 millions Americans suffering from chronic balance issues such as vertigo every year.

So what does your neck have to do with your balance?
There have been numerous research articles linking the structure of your cervical spine (your neck) directly to vertigo and dizziness.

How though?
Magnetic resonance angiography (MRA) measured the intensity of blood flow with the neck in patients with a straight or military neck pattern. The patients were then placed on a foam orthotic to produce a curve in the neck and a new MRA was taken with the neck in a curved position. The patients’ MRA scans showed significant improvements in blood flow in the brain when they were lying on the orthotic with an improved cervical curve! Furthermore the patients chances of maintaining these results over time seem to increase a lot when the rehabilitation of the neck is MAINTAINED.

This research suggests that cerebral blood flow is increased by correcting the misalignments within your neck, and maintaining those corrections


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