If you have pain that radiates from your back down into your buttocks and/or legs and feet, you may have sciatica. Sciatica is a very painful condition that can be caused by a multitude of things. The main cause to sciatica is some other body part contacting the sciatic nerve directly or indirectly resulting in a shooting, stabbing, or radiating pain. Sciatica can be debilitating, and can get much worse if not treated in a proper and timely manner

How do you treat it?

First, a thorough examination is done to tell not only if you have sciatica, but to see what is causing the sciatica. Many times, we find that sciatica is multi-causational, which means not just one things is causing it. Sometimes it is the lower back bones, lower back muscle, leg muscles, tendons, etc. that can ALL be contributing to sciatica. That is why traditional means of treatment such as medications and physical therapy only go so far.

It is very important to find a doctor who has the knowledge and experience in diagnosing and treating patients with sciatica. Here at Align Chiropractic we take pride in uncovering the root cause of your pain and attacking it. Every patient is treated corresponding to their condition. There is no cookie-cutter approach at our clinic.

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