Acute and chronic neck pain is one of the most common reasons that brings patients into our clinic. Neck pain is typically caused by structural shifts in the neck. When the structure of the neck shifts, it can lead to wearing of the discs in the neck, tightening of the neck musculature, shoulder/arm pain, tension and migraine headaches, and numbness in the shoulders and arms.
Neck symptoms are usually caused by trauma to the neck region. These include car accidents, falls, or sports injuries. It can also be caused by years of poor posture in front of a computer or even sleeping on a bed poorly.

Medical management typically relies on medications to control the pain. Cortisone injections, physical therapy, neck exercises, and massage therapy are all common treatment options which are designed to reduce muscular spasm and reduce inflammation. Many times, if these treatment programs fail, a surgery in the form of spinal fusion is a last resort.

The doctors at Align Chiropractic are uniquely positioned to take care of patients with neck pain. The structural chiropractic exam performed specifically focuses on the alignment of the head and neck, and underlying nerves. If a structural shift is identified, our treatment protocols allow for a gentle and effective correction of the neck without any popping, twisting, or cracking of the spine.

The sooner a structural shift is corrected after an injury, the quicker the recovery time and less likelihood of long term damage being caused. If you are experiencing neck pain, or have recently been injured, call our office at 952-595-6337 to setup an appointment to have your neck examined.

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