A Headache is a complex illness that is challenging to cure because it affects so many people in different ways. In recent years, research has found that many headache cases can be associated with the structure of the neck.

The neck is a very neurologically sensitive area that can affect pain and circulation to the head. When the head and neck shift, it can compromise the blood vessels and nerves that pass through the head and create an environment for migraine headaches to exist. While some doctors are using surgery to correct underlying neck issues, there are numerous conservative options available to help you get your quality of life back.

A Structural-Corrective approach allows for a very precise correction of the neck without any popping, twisting or cracking of the spine. It also allows for the doctor to identify if the underlying neck problem has been corrected. Most patients with chronic daily headaches will see a difference in their symptoms within a few weeks of their first correction.

If you suspect that your headache may be caused by a structural shift in your neck, then our office can help. Align Chiropractic, located in Lakeville, is the South Metro’s only Structural Chiropractor utilizing a Corrective approach. To setup an appointment for a complimentary consultation give our office at call at 952-595-6337, or simply fill out the “Request Appointment” tab on this website. Remember, a consultation is not a commitment, it is a conversation to see if our office is right for you.

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