While it is very common that infants get ear infections, it is not normal. Infants are more susceptible to ear infections versus adults because they have a slightly different set-up inside of their ear(s). As you will see in the illustration below, the infant’s Eustachian tube is not as inclined as the adult’s. Thus, the contents of the inner ear and surrounding structures cannot drain effectively. This leads to higher rates of tube blockage and obstruction…. ultimately leading to an infection.

While anti-biotics can be very effective in treating the effect of the blockage, they will do nothing to address the cause of the physical blockage of the tube. If the antibiotics do not take care of the problem, many parents then turn to surgery by placing “tubes” in the child’s ear. This surgery does work for clearing out the blockage to one side. However, the drainage problem still exists and many of these children still have lingering issues and multiple surgeries in order to combat the infection(s). This is the reason why many infants and children who experience repeated ear infections, keep on getting them over and over again. Even with “tubes” being placed into their ears, their actual Eustachian tube is still blocked. Corrective chiropractic does not directly treat the ear infection. Rather, Corrective chiropractors analyze the spine very precisely to see if/how the upper part of the neck is putting any abnormal pressure into the head and neck, and affecting the Eustachian tube. It is integral that infants have a proper upper neck alignment in order to not have secondary conditions such as a blocked Eustachian tube. If your little one keeps on having repeated ear infections, Corrective care at Align Chiropractic may be for them!

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