Structural Chiropractors take an engineering approach to the spine. Not only do we want you to feel better, we want to see evidence that your spine has changed for the better.  We do not simply use subjective measurements like feel or touch to determine how to take care of you. We use objective analytics to determine the need for care. These include:

  • Structural Radiographs
  • Multi-Axial Structural Analysis (MASA)
  • Infrared Thermography

By getting accurate and precise measurements of your spine, it allows us to deliver a very exact correction to help your body get back to normal structurewhere your body heals best.

If you are tired of constantly patching the problem and you’re looking for a long term solution that you can both feel and see for yourself, then Align Chiropractic is the right place for you.

Structural Shift (L) vs. Structural Correction (R) of the Cervical Spine.


Structural Chiropractors looks for the underlying Structural Shift which lead to an unstable foundation. Think of your spine like the foundation of a house.  If the foundation was shifted, over time  the floors to creak, the walls to crack, and the windows would not close properly.  At this point you can spend time and money patching the damage, but the problems will reoccur and need to be repaired again….and again.

How do you get a Structural Shift? At some point in your life an accident or injury occurs to your spine. Tearing loose ligaments and connective tissues that hold the spine together. This creates a weakness in the structure allowing the spine to shift into a locked and stressed position. You can still move and get around, but the stress is always there. Leading to a progressive degenerative condition.

Once a structural shift is present and disrupting the spinal nerves and spinal cord, it can create many different secondary conditions or symptoms. The reason these are called secondary conditions is because they are a result of the primary structural shift, or the underlying cause. The location of the structural shift and where the nerves are being disrupted will give us an idea about your secondary conditions.

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