While most people do their due diligence when researching health care providers; sometimes we get too busy, or we don’t know where to begin. Chiropractic is especially difficult to determine what clinic is the best fit for yourself and your family because the treatments can be very different from office to office. It is difficult to determine where to go when you need quality chiropractic care, that’s why we’ve decided to make a simple checklist for you.

Here are 5 things you should look for when choosing a chiropractor.

1. Private Adjusting Rooms
In recent years, chiropractic clinics are turning to open room treatments. While this is perfectly legal, it’s not always the best option. You want an office to have a completely private treatment setting to feel the most comfortable and to discuss any concerns at any time with your practitioner. Privacy and patient outcomes should always be the top priority of any clinic.

2. Detailed Examinations
An in-depth examination is key to find not only where the problem is located, but what is causing the problem in the first place. In some chiropractic offices you are rushed through an examination at first, with a quick adjustment and out the door you go. This should not be the case. In order for any doctor to treat you effectively they need to conduct a thorough exam to uncover the root cause of the issue. Before you start care at any chiropractic clinic, make sure they have not only the procedures, but also the technology and equipment to conduct a thorough exam. Digital X-rays, thermography, and orthopedic tools are just a few things a potential patient should be looking for.

3. Pre and Post Measurements
Again, a detailed examination is key. A huge part of that examination are X-ray findings. X-rays are a great indicator on how and to what degree the spine has shifted. This needs to be done to take a look at what is actually going on with your spinal system. These also need to be interpreted accurately, and in a way for the patient to understand. The doctor should always sit down with the patient and patient’s family to go over the X-rays with them. It is a huge part of patient care that is often overlooked. Find a clinic that focuses on analytical findings, and pre & post measurements so you can actually see the progress you’re making.

4. Local Involvement
Do the doctors that work in this office take initiative with community involvement? Are they in service organizations and participate in projects around town? Do they live in the community in which they practice in? If they do, more than likely they will have a vested interest in community health. Choose a chiropractor that lives in the town they practice in and puts service above themselves.

5. Chiropractic the Main Thing
When you look on their website or Facebook page is it flooded with weight loss program deals? Do they push supplements, vitamins, or protein powders more than chiropractic care? Some chiropractic clinics say they offer so much, you can’t tell if they are a chiropractic office, weight loss clinic, or a physical therapist. Many chiropractic clinics focus their attention and marketing on servces/products that aren’t affiliated with chiropractic simply to increase their bottom line. By not focusing the majority of their time and attention on quality examinations and treatments, patient care may be falling by the wayside. Make sure to choose a chiropractic clinic that unmistakably keeps chiropractic care the main thing.

Anyone taking an initiative to better themselves is heading in the right direction for their overall well-being. Again, it can be difficult to determine which health-care provider to go to for you and your family, we hope that this checklist helps with that decision to find a fit for your chiropractic needs.

*Dr. Rodewald is a Structurally based Chiropractor out of the Minneapolis/St. Paul area located in Lakeville, Minnesota. He focuses on the treatment and complete rehabilitation of the spine and spinal system. His youngest patients are days old, and his oldest are well into their 90s. He has post graduate training in concussion management as well as pediatric and prenatal care. His professional memberships include:

– Minnesota Chiropractic Association
– International Chiropractic Association
– International Chiropractic Pediatric Association

*Dr. Rodewald can be reached via email at info@alignlakeville.com or by phone at 952-595-6337, Monday-Friday.

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